• The capacity of Vrana Factory is 1,600 tons per month. Annual quantity of produce varies between 12,000 to 15,000 tons. As a result of an extremely well-developed network of distributors and own warehouses "Viand" JSC Branch is a leader in compound feed in western and central Bulgaria.
  • The Vrana facility is registered (Bulgarian Food Safety Agency under the number α BG 22 3 0075) as an approved manufacturer of animal feed by the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency. The plant is equipped with modern machines licensed by BUHLER.
  • In order to continually improve the quality, safety and control of production, the company continuously invests in new lines, equipment, hardware and software.
  • The facility operates:
    • Two micro-dosing production lines with pre-mixing of feed additives;
    • Two separate lines for the production of feed for ruminants and non-ruminants;
    • Robotic system for packing of finished goods;
    • Active ventilation of the silo facility;
    • Advanced automation systems and control all production processes
  • Technologically, the lines are approved and constructed in partnership with leading experts from the Netherlands with a minimized risk of contamination, allowing the production of safe, complete, and compound feeds in bulk and packaged form.
  • The fully automated and computerized manufacturing process allows traceability of the performance of each cycle, from each batch and raw material in the composition of recipes for compound feed.
  • The plant has a state-of-the-art laboratory for compound feeds and raw materials examination.

As part of EXTRA FEED, "VIAND" JSC - Branch offering their customers free consultations on all issues related to animal and poultry nutrition, breeding technologies, prevention, treatment, etc. Our specialists are available to develop individual recipes and diets complying with the specific needs and characteristics of the animals on your farm.